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Our Aim

Our Aim is to help you move, motivate and thank people around you.

So go ahead..reward a hard working team, acknowledge an unsung hero, thank your wedding guests or welcome a new baby to the world.

We strive every day to create wonderful gifts which are a pleasure to receive.

We help business leaders send inspired corporate messages, not bland products you see every day.

As well as the corporate arena - We help families create playful moments for their family & friends. We hope you find a product or gift to help you express what needs to be said...
Chocolate Co
It is more blessed to give than to receive ...
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Our Chocolate

Our chocolates are made from the highest standard ingredients producing beautiful chocolate products for eating, gifting and resale.

Our chocolate is made fresh every day for mums and dads, weddings, trade, promotional and contract manufacturing and export.

Our chocolates are made especially for you and shipped to your door Australia wide and abroad.
Our business model is based on flexibility to cater for our customers needs and help them pursue their unique ideas.

We supply our range of products in bulk or packaged format and are also able to offer a complete turn key solution by providing artwork, custom packaging and the development of new products alongside a company's existing product lines.

Our Story

As a privately owned family business - we started with sweet beginnings in 2004. We let our customers guide us and developed a loyal following - we sooned transitioned to a fully online site armed with a strong team and the determination to succeed. It is a now a privilege to help an army of small businesses and sole operators in boutique industries who resell our products. Many of these are family businesses and women in business working home or sideline businesses whilst raising children. Since this has been our experience from the start, they have a special place in our hearts and we do everything we can to help and support these women to grow their business.
The Wilson Family
Whether you are sending a gift to a loved one or organising thousands’s of gifts for a Corporate Event, we hope your experience is an enjoyable one and that we have the privilege of being of service to you again in the future.
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We are a working chocolate factory so please arrange a pickup via appointment. (Mon-Fri 10am - 2pm) so we can connect with you correctly.

Chocolate Company Pty Ltd
Pickup by Appointment or Delivery Australia Wide
U40 / 7 Sefton Rd Thornleigh NSW 2120 (Austwide Delivery)
Ph: 0414 602 027 / Email: sales@chocolatecompany.com.au

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If you have any questions - we would be delighted to help you.

Call Us: 0414 602 027 (8am-8pm)
Email Us (24/7): sales@chocolatecompany.com.au
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