How do place an I order?

Its easy to order with us. Just "add to cart" on the item you need. You can view your cart at any time then proceed to checkout. You can create an account record with us so you only need to enter your details once. All your orders will be saved there in the future.

If you have any questions feel free to call or sms us on 0414 602 027 or use our web chat to talk to us. We look forward to helping you. 

What is the Expiry Date on your Chocolate?

At ChocolateCo we make fresh to order chocolate from buttons with approximately 1 year expiry. As with all chocolate it will need to be stored correctly to get the maximum shelf life. Our specialty is fresh chocolate and it makes sense to order within 3 months of your occasion for maximum freshness.

What is the best way to store my chocolate?

Our chocolate is produced with 1 year expiry. Like any chocolate - it is best kept out of the fridge because it can take on fridge smells. Just keep in a cooler part of the house away from direct sunlight and it will be fine to keep until your event. Again our specialty is fresh chocolate so it makes sense to order within 3 months of your occasion for maximum freshness and ease of storage.

My wedding is not til spring/summer - when do I order?

Spring Weddings and leading up to Christmas is our busiest time of the year where processing times increase due to the volume of orders coming through. So be sure to order in advance!

Do you have samples?

As we are wholesalers and produce in 100% beligum chocolate we do not ship samples often but realise this may be necessary from time to time. We have 1 standard chocolate sampler bag which contains a few difference shapes and colours which is shipped in batches every 1-2 weeks. Sampler bags are $15 which pays for the express post satchel (including gst & express post postage) To order a sampler bag please complete order form - enter "sampler bag"

What Type of Chocolate is it?

We use Belgium coverture chocolate buttons to make all our chocolates. Belgium coverture means real cocobutter is an ingredient rather than vegetable oil or cocobutter substitutes. This means you get real tasting melt in the mouth great chocolate which tastes beaufiful.

Can I choose just 1 colour?


Can I choose a mix of colours?

Yes 1 colour per lot .

Can I have a mix of all the colours?

Yes we can do a nice mix of what is in production on the day of dispatch - as we make fresh continuously we dont hold colours for any length of time so you will not receive all colours or equal quantities of each colour - just what we is in production that day - a lovely mix.


How long does it take to receive my order?

Generally we close off orders for delivery by the end of the next week. Normally 7-10 working days from the date of payment to delivery is a good guide and in peak seasonal occasions there may be a slightly longer lead time depending on the queue. We work with our customers to ensure all delivery dates are met. If your order is urgent - pls phone it through or note the delivery date on your order at checkout.


Can I rush an order?

We are normally fast to process orders. When placing an urgent order - pls check with us on Ph/SMS: 0414 602 027 or email: Paying via credit card is the best option - If paying via EFT tranfer pls allow for clearance times which will add to the processing time of your order. You can also make a deposit in person at any NAB - this will omit the payment clearance times with EFT and enable us to process your order even faster.


Can I pay via credit card?

Yes - we accept visa or mastercard. Payments via credit card over $1000 incur a 2 % processing charge . No charges apply for orders under $1000 or payment via eft.

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